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01We Live on the island

We practice what we preach. Our Managing Partner moved from the States to take advantage of the Tax Incentives on the island. The rest of our team also lives on the island.

02We Work on the Island

We work with some of the most talented individuals on the island. From Accountants, attorneys, and business owners.

03We Also Play on the Island

You can't live on the island and not enjoy it. We spend a lot of time touring the island and becoming familiar with each area for tourism and for living.

About Us


We decided years ago to check out Puerto Rico and see if everything we heard was true. We were based in Las Vegas, Nevada and We were tired of Paying high U.S. tax rates.We heard about all of the tax incentives on the island that dealt with large and small businesses and individuals.

We took many trips back and forth checking for ourselves if we could really make this work.We met with the government, other businesses that were already on the island taking advantage of the Act 60-2019. We met with Schools, and talked to real estate agents. We wanted this all to be true.

After a lot of research we took the plunge.Was it all true? Not only is it true.but we are seeing more benefits than we ever have .

Was it easy? Absolutely not. We wish we had someone to guide us

through the process and the many of the challenges,but there wasn’t much to draw on, so we created our own company here on the island.We teamed up with local business professionals that joined companies like Johnson & Johnson Merck, and Microsoft and over 600 other companies big and small that made the move to the island.

Our main office is based San Juan, Puerto Rico and we have a staff of over 12 employees that are dedicated to helping your business succeed.

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